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Name:The Grim Reaper
Birthdate:Aug 25
The Grim Reaper had it pretty good. He had eternal life, and he got to do what he loved: take the souls of the newly dead and drop them into the underworld. But then it all went to Hell.

See, the next victim soul on his list was that of a certain hamster by the name of Mr. Snuggles. He belonged to a kid named Billy, who was best friends with a girl named Mandy. But Grim didn't know that. So, he arrived via portal in Billy's bedroom to take the hamster, only to be stopped by Mandy. Mandy entered into a wager with Grim: they would play a game with him. If Grim won, he could take Mr. Snuggles. And Billy, because Billy was an idiot and volunteered. If Billy and Mandy won, they would keep Mr. Snuggles. Grim was so confident he'd win that he also promised to be their Best Friend Forever if they won.

Unfortunately for Grim... they won.

This is a roleplaying journal. I'm not Grim, honestly!

Grim and The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy is © to Maxwell Atoms. The song "Land of the Dead" belongs to Voltaire.

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billy, cackling in moderation, evil laughter, friend-slaves, greg eagles, grim adventures, grim and evil, grim reaper, grim's ineptitude, jamaica, jamaican accents, mandy, mortal souls are delicious!, reaping, the grim reaper, the underworld

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